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- Recovering Your Erection Quickly After Sex

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Dear Friend,

Do you ever wish you could have as good of sex NOW as you did in your 20's?

Or how about EVEN BETTER?

Do you ever wish you could pound your girl 2, 3, even 4 times in one night… or just give her one sheet-climbing, pillow-biting, "OH MY GOD" orgasmic session that leaves you feeling like a KING… and her bragging to her friends about what a sexual ROCK STAR you are?

Well now, thanks to a new recent breakthrough in the science of sexual libido, you can.

Check out what famous adult film star Marcus London had to say about it…

"My work schedule got much busier after taking it…"

Marcus London has appeared in over 120 adult films, and has directed 12 of his own. He has won numerous AVN Awards (the Oscars of the adult industry) & is known for his stamina.

"In this business, I absolutely NEED the ability to be rock-hard again within minutes of having an orgasm, so I can perform just as well the third, fourth, or fifth time I have sex as I did the first. My job depends on it.

I've tried literally every other pill on the market, and most of them are totally bogus. I no longer take prescription pills because the side effects are horrible, and their effects actually wear off over time. I'll never use them again. So when John told me he had an all-natural supplement which could boost my recovery time, I was eager to try it.

I had my doubts at first, but those quickly faded as I started seeing results. Within 3 days, I noticed my ability to recover had sped up dramatically. I began feeling the vitality I had in my early 20s - and I'm now in my mid-40s! Not only that, but I started feeling better all-around, had tons more energy… And the biggest surprise of all was the increase I saw in my load size.

You've GOT to be able to shoot big loads in this business, if you wanna compete. And after taking this formula for a little over a week, I noticed a huge difference in my load size. The girls were noticing too, believe you me. My work schedule got much busier after taking it - went from shooting once or twice a week to 4 or 5 times! And for that, I am forever indebted to John Lawrence & his miracle pill." - Marcus London

Her Jaw Will Drop In Awe
At Your Sexual Power

Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing you've totally satisfied your girl better than any other guy ever could…

When you're overflowing with so much masculine energy, you're able to give her the kind of intense, full-tilt sex that'll make her melt into an orgasmic puddle…

And then, after you're done & she's lying happily in your arms… you'll be able to turn to her & say, "Ready for Round 2?"

She's going to look at you like you're the absolute MAN.

That's a pretty great feeling, and one I want YOU to enjoy.

My name is John Lawrence. I am a former adult film star, and I'm now proud to bring you the highest-quality male enhancements supplements in the world.

This new pill was specifically designed for male porn stars, whose job depend on their ability to recover their erection quickly after sex, so they can perform again right away…

And keep going at it 3, 4, even 5 times in a row, with the same vitality & erection-strength the 5th time as they had the first.

These guys have found this new formula gives them a lot of other benefits as well, such as:

- A higher sex drive when taken with another pill such as PHGH…

- Improved immunity & overall health…


- This pill can actually DOUBLE the volume of your semen, increasing its thickness as well, and give you more intense, more EXPLOSIVE climaxes.

I now supply this special formula to almost all the top male porn stars…I would now say that 4 out of 5 of every working porn star uses my special formula to complement their enhancement regimen.

This includes some of the biggest names in the business…even some of the guys you see advertising their own brands of male enhancement pills. Behind the scenes, these same performers depend on my unique formula to power them through their draining sex scenes.

I'm happy to say that you no longer have to be an adult film star to experience the power & vitality that comes from this formula. I'm happy to introduce the formula I call…

MAX Recovery.

It's all-natural, herbal, and it's guaranteed to turbocharge your libido, speed up your recovery time, AND maximize your load size.

Let me tell you more about what goes into this one-of-a-kind pill:

1. Sunflower lecithin - Abundant in sunflower seeds, lecithin contains many essential fatty acids, as well as being an important source of choline & inositol, nutrients which are essential for brain health and for producing hormones such as testosterone, which contributes to your virility and sex drive.

But it is also known as one of the most effective ways for increasing both semen volume and thickness, and is used by nearly every male porn star. Many guys claim it also increases the distance you're able to ejaculate.

Most lecithin you can get is made from soy, however, and this poses many problems.

First, many people are allergic to soy. Secondly, most soy is now genetically modified. Third, chemical solvents are used in processing soy lecithin, and trace amounts of this can be found in many supplements that contain soy lecithin.

For these reasons, you should NEVER take anything made with soy lecithin.

The sunflower lecithin I use in MAX Recovery is a Non-GMO (genetically modified) substance. That means it is made with NO genetic engineering. There are no known side effects, no allergic reactions are caused by it, and no chemical solvents are used in its processing…instead, it is made by a natural process known as cold-pressing.

2. Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate, 24 mg, 160% Daily Value) - Zinc is an essential mineral for boosting your natural immunity, and also works to increase your libido by improving your production of testosterone. That's because it is a very effective aromatase inhibitor.

Aromatase is an enzyme that converts your testosterone into estrogen. Lower testosterone means lower libido.

For example, excessive consumption of alcohol actually causes you to produce more of this enzyme…which is why guys that drink a lot may experience a drop in virility - not to mention the unfortunate phenomenon known as "bitch tits."

But zinc blocks this enzyme, keeping your testosterone - and your libido - raging.

What's more, zinc has been shown to improve both the amount of sperm you produce AND the sperm's ability to get moving. When combined with Sunflower lecithin, it will get your sperm moving again fast after sex, speeding up your recovery time…and it improve your sperm volume dramatically.

The problem with most zinc supplements you can buy is that they are produced cheaply from synthetic ingredients…the result is that your body does not fully absurd the necessary amount of zinc to see the sexual benefits. In fact, with most zinc, your body only absorbs about 5% of it.

I use only zinc picolinate, an acid form of zinc that your body absorbs much more easily than other forms of zinc. In fact, a study published in the June 1987 Agents Actions journal found that zinc picolinate had up to 5X better absorption than other forms.

There are no known side effects to zinc when taken in the recommend dosage.

3. Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol, 800 IU, 200% Daily Value) - A vitamin that is normally absorbed through sunlight, many people have a Vitamin D deficiency and don't know it. The reason so many people get sick in the winter, for example, has less to do with the cold weather & more to do with a lack of sunlight - and Vitamin D.

But there is also a link between vitamin D deficiency & virility. A new study that tracked 2,069 older men over three years found that men with more vitamin D had higher levels of testosterone. That's because vitamin D also inhibits aromatization (like zinc does), and it actually enhances the sensitivity of the androgen glands that release testosterone.

You can get Vitamin D as either ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) or cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). Most vitamin D you can get from typical health store supplements is the ergocalciferol form, which is cheaper to produce.

I use only cholecalicferol because it has been shown in clinical trials to be the most potent form of vitamin D for raising blood levels of this essential vitamin.

Again, I use only the highest grade cholecalciferol D3 from all-natural sources, so your body will be able to fully absorb it for maximum results.

The Absolute ULTIMATE
In Male Enhancement

I combine the right amounts of each of these 3 key ingredients in MAX Recovery to give you the rocket fuel you need to perform like a true sexual BEAST at any age.

This is the NEXT-LEVEL of male sexual performance pills…The sexual turbo booster, designed for the pros, who need to be able to perform like a 20 year old at any age.

Taken daily in combination with an enhancement supplement such as PHGH, you will quickly notice the results:

- Increase Your Libido to Youthful Levels

- More Energy

- Speed Up Recovery Time After Sex

- Rock-Hard Erections Each Time

- Increase Sperm Volume By Up to 2X

- Boosts The Strength Of Your Climax

- Improved Immunity

- Starts working Fast

- All-Natural Ingredients

- No Harmful Side Effects

I believe so strongly in this formula, I'm willing put my money where my mouth is...

My No Questions Asked, Full Money Back GUARANTEE

If you are like me, you have tried other pills in the past that have promised huge results and have not delivered the goods.

Which is why I want to take all the risk out of this for you with my 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

When you start taking MAX Recovery, this is what will happen:

1. You'll experience faster recovery times after sex, letting you perform 3, 4, 5 times a night with rock-hard erections each time.

2. You'll feel a noticeable increase in virility and sex drive, as well as your overall energy

3. You'll see a dramatic increase in the volume & thickness of your semen loads…up to 2X as much!

4. You'll experience a boost in your overall health & immunity, giving you the energy of a young stallion

And if you DON'T see these results, I insist you return your unused supply of MAX Recovery for a full discount…no headaches, no hassles.

In fact, if you are not 100% satisfied with this product for ANY REASON, I will refund every cent of your purchase.

I'm that confident it will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this pill different from all the other male enhancement supplements?

Most male enhancements pills promise to make you "bigger"…but the truth is, NO pill can do that. Any pill that makes that promise is bogus, and should be avoided.

Other supplements, such as my own PHGH, are designed to boost your sex drive & give you harder, longer-lasting erections.

MAX Recovery, on the other hand, is totally different. Its ingredients are blended specifically to help speed up your recovery time after sex, so you can perform again & again.

All guys experience a loss in their ability to recover quickly as they get older, so MAX Recovery is targeted especially for this purpose.

What benefits will I experience?

The biggest benefit you will notice is a much faster "recovery" time after sex…You'll be able to regain your erection in minutes, so you can go at it again right away…just like when you were a teenager!

But you'll also notice an extra boost to your libido, giving you the drive & energy to keep going all night long.

The ingredients in MAX Recovery also improve your overall immunity, which is important for staying at the high level of vitality needed for the level of sexual performance the pros are at.

But the biggest added benefit is probably the increase you will see in the volume of semen released during ejaculation, by up to 2X as much!

Not only that, but your semen will be thicker, and many male porn stars report that it helps them to shoot farther, too, with an added boost in the intensity of your climax.

I'm already taking a male enhancement pill, why do I need this new supplement?

Most male enhancement pills, such as PHGH, are designed to improve your overall libido & to increase blood flow to your penis - which helps you get hard, and stay hard.

You should definitely be taking a supplement like this everyday as part of your overall health regimen. And if you're just interested in having sex every once in a while, that's probably all you need.

But if you're interested in going to the next level in your sex life, and having MORE sex…then MAX Recovery is for you.

It was specially designed to work in combination with a male enhancement supplement such as PHGH to give you the ULTIMATE in sexual performance.

The ingredients in MAX Recovery - specifically, Sunflower Lecithin, zinc, and Vitamin D in the right amounts - are targeted to improve your ability to recover your erection quickly after sex so you can perform at peak levels, again & again.

How soon will I start to see results?

MAX Recovery starts working as soon as you take it to boost your libido & increase your semen levels - which speeds your recovery times.

You should notice the results the first day, but within 2-3 days you'll start seeing significant results. That's how long it takes for the right levels of the nutrients in this formula to accumulate in your body.

Continue taking it every day, preferable with a meal, in combination with a daily male supplement like PHGH for all-night virility & huge semen loads!

I'm in my 60s, will this work for an older guy like me?

Absolutely! This formula was designed to help male porn performers get hard again fast & boost their load size…

And many of these guys are in their 40s, 50s, and even their 60s! I've heard from several of these older guys that they're even able to perform BETTER than they were when they were teenagers.

Its combination of all-natural ingredients means it is perfectly safe at any age. Unlike prescription drugs, there are NO side effects, and its effects will NOT wear off over time.

MAX Recovery is THE PILL for older guys who want to recapture the vigor & vitality of your youth.

How do I take the supplements?

Take 1 to 2 soft gels per day preferably with a meal. We recommend taking it with breakfast to see maximum results. Works best wen taken in combination with a daily male health supplement such as PHGH.

How much is in each bottle?

Each jar of MAX Recovery contains a one-month supply, when taken once daily. However, for best results it is recommended you take 2 soft gels daily.

Are there any side effects?

Think of this as part of your diet rather than as medicine. There are no known side effects to using MAX Recovery in combination with a supplement such as PHGH. However, if you have any concerns it is always recommended to check with your doctor before trying a new supplement or vitamin, and of course make sure you are healthy enough to engage in sexual activity before taking it.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Don't panic, just continue taking it as usual. The great thing about this supplement is that the levels of active ingredients build up in your body over time, so you could miss a day & still get the effects.

Can I take this formula with other medications?

As with any supplement, you should consult with your doctor before combining with other medications. However, there are no known side effects to taking the ingredients in MAX Recovery at these levels, and most medications are perfectly safe to take in combination with it.

Is it shipped discretely? What will show up on my credit card?

A with all my products, your jar of MAX ERecovery will be shipped in plain, brown packaging so that even your mailman won't know what's inside. Your credit card will be billed to "Lawrence Herbs" and nothing else. This is a one-time only payment, and you won't billed again

How do I order?

Simply click the "Order" button below & you'll be taken to a secure payment processing page, encrypted with the latest 128-bit SSL technology for your protection. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal. We ship Monday to Friday & I always ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.

The Best Sex Of Your Life
Is Right Around The Corner

For the time being, only 200 bottles of MAX Recovery are available.

I normally produce only about 100 bottles of MAX Recovery every several months to supply to adult film stars here in Los Angeles.

But this time, I went out on a limb to see if guys who weren't in the adult industry might be interested in this professional-strength formula. I made 300 bottles…100 for the porn stars as usual, and the rest for guys NOT in the business.

If you're interested in normal, run-of-the-mill sex life…giving it to your wife once a week, perhaps…then this pill is definitely not for you.

This is for guys who are serious about performing at peak sexual levels…giving their wives or girlfriends the kind of ultra-intense sexual experiences they'll always remember.

And I'll make one more guarantee to you…

When you order now, you'll ALWAYS pay what you pay now for any future bottles of MAX Recovery you order.

I personally guarantee this is going to take your sex life to the next level…

With this formula, you'll be able to satisfy your woman so completely, she'll never know what hit her…she'll be AMAZED at the amount of masculine energy you possess.

Whether you want to give her those all-night marathon sex sessions where you rock her body over & over again, each time wilder than the last...

Or just blow her mind with one body-shaking, toe-curling, eyes-rolling-up-in-her-head session that leaves you feeling like a SEX GOD….

You'll be bringing out the wild side of any woman, whether you've just met or whether you've been married for 30 years!

And you'll never feel more like a red-blooded man than when you release huge, healthy semen loads, in explosively satisfying climaxes.

The energy, the passion, the vitality….can all be yours again.

You'll be brimming with the kind of masculine confidence women can smell from a mile away.

If you knew there was something you could take that would turbo charge your sex life, wouldn't you want to know about it?

If you knew other guys were taking it, wouldn't you want to have the same advantages in the bedroom?

This is it…that something extra to push you over the top, so you'll leave no doubt in your girl's mind that you're the best lover she's EVER had.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to get the edge that puts you in the TOP 1% of ALL GUYS

Your friend,
John Lawrence

P.S., Still have questions? Please send them to, and we will reply as soon as possible.

P.P.S., I've worked very hard formulating this advanced male enhancement supplement, and I'm extremely proud of it. If you're interested in a next-level, professional-strength sexual turbo booster designed to work in combination with your regular male enhancement pill (such as PHGH)…then this is the ultimate. You're guaranteed to experience faster recovery times after sex, allowing you to perform 3, 4, 5, 6, times a night with rock-solid erections…You'll see a dramatic increase in your overall energy & sex drive, and a boost to the volume & thickness of your semen - up to 2X as much! If you're not 100% satisfied with this pill for any reason, simply send it back within 30 for a full refund, no questions asked…that's how confident I am in this formula. Let me know how it's working for you!

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