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The formula that started it all. Not only did PHGH put Lawrence Supplements on the map, it remains one of my biggest sellers to this day. And the reason is simple…it really works. If you’ve been considering a male enhancement supplement, you won’t find anything more powerful- or effective- than PHGH.

Made with 5 herbal extracts, all of which have been prized for centuries for their ability to restore sexual function, PHGH packs a punch. Whether you take it daily to keep your sex life red hot, or just want to take it as needed for a little extra oomph, PHGH is your secret weapon for blowing her mind like never before.

1 bottle contains 60 capsules, 30-day supply

Suggested Use: 2 capsules, 1 time daily, with a full glass of water.

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PLEASE NOTE: Canadian customers will receive PHGH without the ingredient DHEA.

Product Description

PHGH works better than any other male enhancement formula ever created for one simple reason: it’s made with the best ingredients. Every single extract that goes into my formula comes from one of my hand-picked international distributors, so that you get nothing but the best.

  • Tribulus Terrestris — The most effective natural testosterone booster, turbo-charges your sex drive and maximizes performance
  • Arginine — Which boosts nitric oxide in your blood, ensuring that you get maximum blood flow where you need it most
  • Tongkat Ali — An herb that’s legendary in Indonesia for skyrocketing libido
  • Horny Goat Weed — Perhaps the oldest known libido-booster, used by the Chinese for centuries for opening up blood vessels and improving erection quality
  • Maca — Used for increasing semen volume and sperm count, so she can witness your improved virility first-hand


Lawrence Supplements is fully committed to your safety, first and foremost. This is why we only use the purest, most proven herbal extracts- and NEVER add fillers, binders, or untested ingredients. Simply put, if I wouldn’t put it in my body, I won’t ask you to put it in yours.

And to demonstrate my commitment to safety and effectiveness, I subject all of my formulas to an intense, 3-part testing process at an FDA-approved laboratory. This way, I know exactly what’s in each pill, and that’s why I can stand behind everything I make with such confidence.

Our Promise

My promise is simple…I promise to only sell products that I stand behind 100%. If you try any of my products and don’t feel like I’ve delivered on every single one of my claims, then I don’t want you to pay.

Simply send the unused portion back within 90 days, and I will refund your money, no questions asked. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just mail it back and I’ll refund your money.

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